Relics of Avabur

I got impatient. Update went live an hour early. Enjoy! Also the patch notes were too long for 'Recent Updates' so find the complete list here:

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Relics of Avabur is a text-based browser game that takes place in a fantasy setting.
Your journey begins in The Glendell Glade, fighting off the monsters that started to show up about three years ago. It's still uncertain where the monsters came from, but life has been significantly more difficult since their arrival.
It is now your duty to battle these monsters to earn combat experience; to learn and improve valuable combat skills; to find, purchase and create new equipment to aid yourself and your companions in battle; and, potentially, to create or join a clan, allowing you to work with fellow adventurers for additional benefits.
Will you be remembered as a legend, or as just another insignificant peasant?

Recent Updates

[Not So] Dead Game

October 17, 2019
Added a super basic API for clans, because some of you guys like to stalk monitor reward your clan members for their excellent progress/donations. Only the clan owner can view the API key, but they can distribute it to whomever they wish, if they aren't the one keeping track of the details. API key/link is in the 'Admin' section of your clan.
The Trash Compactor now has an option allowing you to automatically scrap crafted items. This setting is separate from that of random drops.
Added a 'training gem' to ease some of the pain of carving. The training gem requires no ingredients to create, but uses 5 fragments per gem progress, and disappears when complete, preventing you from receiving any fragments for deconstructing it.
Added chat 'tabs.' They aren't actual tabs, but clicking a channel name in your channel list will cause you to only see messages in that channel in chat. Until you switch tabs. There is also an [All] tab, which works the way chat always has.
You can now un-queue from joining the Gauntlet.
Added a button next to chat input which is similar in functionality to hitting ctrl+up arrow. It lists your most recent chat messages, and you can click on them to put the message back in chat.
Added 'total actions' to the player API.
Added a [Chat] link for accessories, for those of you who would like to link your accessories in chat, but are on a device that can't shift+click.
You can now use multiple of [most] consumables at a time, rather than needing to spam use them!
Added a preference for Event channel messages. You can now filter out which specific types of messages you'd like to receive on that channel, for those of you who would like to have the channel on... but just couldn't, because otherwise you'd get about 5000 messages in two minutes with the channel on.
Added an activity log for construction job completion. This log will also inform you of how much time any 'Construction Reduction' bonuses you had active saved you!
Added a 'Load More' button to the Recent Updates list (this list). In case you wanted to see a few more updates without loading the entire list of updates.
Added a page during game reboots to notify you that the game is rebooting, rather than displaying a 503 error.
You can now purchase more than one set of double with fame at once!
Milestone fame is now *actually* tracked on a per-milestone-type basis, rather than being calculated on-the-fly when viewing that milestone type. This will allow you to see an accurate total fame count for daily-action-related milestones going forward. Unfortunately, I cannot retroactively populate that data. :(
Added an emoji to the left of the time in the calendar link. This emoji lets you know which action type is providing the daily EP, so you don't have to actually check the calendar. If the emoji is a checkmark, that means you've already obtained the maximum amount of daily EP for that action today.
Battle mechanics have been reworked drastically. Basic rundown: mobs have more health, hit/dodge rates have changed, mobs deal less damage per attack. The end result is that battles last significantly more rounds, allowing all skills to be relevant.
Fixed an issue where healing percent was improperly giving 1% per point, rather than 0.01% per point, and then changed it to 0.10% per point.
Drastically changed hit-rates (ie chance to hit/dodge rates). They're a lot more evened out now, removing most of the all-or-nothing situations.
Fixed a bug where creature_type_damage effects were not working. Also reduced their bonus from 1.00% per point to 0.10% per point, but considering it previously didn't work at all, I really increased it from 0.00% per point to 0.10% per point. So was it a buff or a nerf?
Swords now provide +10% Strength/+10% Health (rather than +10% Critical Hit Damage).
Bows now provide +20% Coordination/+20% Agility (rather than +20% Armor Penetration).
Bows no longer increase your armor penetration cap by 20%. The armor penetration cap is now 50% regardless of weapon type.
Staves now provide +10% Health/+20% Agility (rath

Happy Labor Day!

September 01, 2019
Clan gods? You can now choose to worship one of various clan gods, directing all taxed resources towards sacrifices to that god, rather than the clan funds. If you do not worship a god, taxed resources will go to a global pool, available for use on any god. Manually donated resources do not go to this pool, but still go to your treasury. You get bonuses from all gods, even if you aren't currently worshiping that god.
Added a new area (...kinda).
Along with the clan gods update, the Oracle Temple now boosts your gods' powers by 4% per Temple level, in addition to providing the 5% Quest Boost it always provided.
Fixed an issue where investments were tracked incorrectly (again).
Hopefully fixed the bug that would sometimes cause your Better Blueprints to become 'Undefined'
Fixed a bug that allowed you to ban a channel owner from their own channel.
Creating a currency or ingredient market listing now requires confirmation when your listing price is 10%+ cheaper than the current lowest-priced listing.

Rules of Avabur×


Game Rules

Macroing, scripting, and botting of any kind is expressly forbidden
Automating any part of the game via external resources may result in the termination of your account. Essentially, if the automation isn't built into the game (ie auto-battling/auto-harvesting via stamina), there should be no automation. You aren't allowed to use a script to replenish your stamina, for example.
You may not have more than one account
Accessing multiple accounts may result in the termination or suspension of any and all accounts being accessed by a single person. If multiple different people wish to play from the same location, permission should be requested from a moderator or administrator before any secondary accounts are created. Additionally, accounts playing from the same location are not allowed to interact in ways that benefit the other party - that means you aren't allowed to give/sell anything to anyone playing from the same location as you.
Account sharing is not allowed
Do not share your password with anyone, including anyone pretending to be a staff member. Staff members will never ask for your password, or any of your login details for that matter. You are responsible for any and all activity on your account, so be careful to ensure that you are the only person who can access it.
Do not abuse bugs
If you find a bug, report it to a staff member immediately. In addition to not getting your account banned, players who report bugs that would provide an unfair advantage are rewarded with a special title!
Do not sell in-game assets for real currency
The selling of any in-game asset for real currency will result in an immediate ban.
Cross-game trading is allowed, to an extent, but is discouraged
We want you to play games on their own merits, even if the game you prefer isn't ours! As a result, if an admin determines that your account exists primarily for cross-trading, your account will be banned. Additionally, any cross-game trading discussion should be kept out of public channels. Furthermore, it should go without saying that we do not care and will not be held responsible if you are scammed during a cross-trade.

Chat Rules

Do not spam
No one likes being flooded with useless text while talking about other things. Be considerate, don't spam.
Don't try to evade the message censor
You can swear all you want, but don't mask your words in order to bypass the censor.
Tag NSFW links as such
If you are posting a url/link to anything that might be considered not safe for work, add a NSFW warning. Also, don't post porn in public channels or you'll get muted even if it is marked NSFW.
No harassment
We expect you not to harass other players. This doesn't mean you can't argue with someone, etc, but you should know when you're crossing a boundary. However, if someone is annoying you in chat, don't bother the game staff with it. The /ignore command exists for a reason: use it.
P.S. If you don't want to feel harassed, don't freely give out information about yourself in chat. We will feel much less sympathetic in those situations.
Do not post spoilers
Spoilers can seriously ruin the enjoyment of a game, movie, book, etc. for some people, so please be courteous. If you want to discuss a recent release, make a custom channel.
Note: if the subject in question is more than 3 months old, you're free to talk about it wherever, but if someone requests that you move it to a private channel, please oblige them.
Respect the staff
The staff of Relics of Avabur are a volunteer force who work here solely for their love of the game and community, so please, don't give them a hard time. If a staff member asks you to end a discussion or take it to a private channel, you are expected to listen.
Be considerate
Once again, be considerate. This isn't a rule per se, but we do expect our players to understand that some boundaries shouldn't be crossed. Just because something isn't mentioned in the rules doesn't mean it's allowed. For example, speaking non-English is allowed, but English is the main language, so it's nice if everyone sticks to using it so we can all understand and participate.