Relics of Avabur

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Relics of Avabur is a text-based browser game that takes place in a fantasy setting.
Your journey begins in The Glendell Glade, fighting off the monsters that started to show up about two years ago. It's still uncertain where the monsters came from, but life has been significantly more difficult since their arrival.
It is now your duty to battle these monsters to earn combat experience; to learn and improve valuable combat skills; to find, purchase and create new equipment to aid yourself and your companions in battle; and, potentially, to create or join a clan, allowing you to work with fellow adventurers for additional benefits.
Will you be remembered as a legend, or as just another insignificant peasant?

Recent Updates

Happy Father's Day!

June 16, 2018
There's now a locket next to your double/rage effect name in the effect table during actions where your locket procs.
There's now a 'Better Blueprints' effect, which adds 25% to your 'Construction Reduction Chance' (which is a new effect that reduces your construction timer by your action timer when it procs). It'll have a ⚠ next to it on actions where it procs.
Purchasing crystals with gold from the crystal shop now has a popup confirmation if one or more of the crystals you're about to purchase costs more gold than the cheapest one on the market.
Added an indicator on stat gains/random drops that will show whether it came from the Stat Boost effect "[SB]", the Drop Boost effect "[DB]", or either Multistat Chance or Multidrop Chance "[MC]". Should be fun for you stat trackers to know when the effects are working.
Added "Cancel All Unstarted" buttons to crafting and carving queues. This will not cancel unstarted *spliced* gems.
Fixed an issue where having high drop boost would get more random item drops while battling than intended. You'll now get fewer random item drops relative to before, but likely get more currency drops. This is probably considered a buff.
Added a popup if your CAPTCHA fails to submit properly (let me know if this works - it was a rare issue that isn't easily reproduceable).
Rage, Fury, Frenzy, and Berserk now provide percent-based action timer reductions (applied after other action time reductions), rather than flat reductions. If one of these effects would put you below the minimum action timer of 3s, you get the timer reduction down to 3s and your xp/gold/res/whatever gains are multiplied by whatever percentage is applicable instead. ***NOTE*** Yes, this makes the gameplay preference regarding these effects rather useless, and if you had them turned off, you should consider turning them back on.
Fixed an issue that certain browsers were having with market graphs.
[Hopefully] fixed a bug where the Gauntlet would sometimes not properly put you in the Gauntlet even if you queued up for it.
Fixed an issue where having half a stamina would mean you'd never get a fatigue sound.
Fixed an issue where having high drop boost would get more random item drops while battling than intended. You'll now get fewer random item drop boosts relative to before, but likely get more currency drops. This is probably considered a buff.
Made a lot of code changes to improve performance. Mostly regarding housing, items, gems, accessories, crafting, and carving. May have broken things. Hopefully not, as that would be the opposite of improving performance. Maybe it'll get more people to test beta if it's bugged though.
Moved both milestone-related preferences to the "Misc" category (one was previously in the 'Visual' category).
Currencies sent via wire are now properly color-coded!


June 03, 2018
Fixed an issue where completely sold market listings wouldn't disappear from the market properly.
Fixed an issue where crafting/carving without the required tool wouldn't provide the proper error message.
Hovering your health count in battle now displays the full value, for those of you who wanted to know your real HP.

Rules of Avabur×


Game Rules

Macroing, scripting, and botting of any kind is expressly forbidden
Automating any part of the game via external resources may result in the termination of your account. Essentially, if the automation isn't built into the game (ie auto-battling/auto-harvesting via stamina), there should be no automation. You aren't allowed to use a script to replenish your stamina, for example.
You may not have more than one account
Accessing multiple accounts may result in the termination or suspension of any and all accounts being accessed by a single person. If multiple different people wish to play from the same location, permission should be requested from a moderator or administrator before any secondary accounts are created. Additionally, accounts playing from the same location are not allowed to interact in ways that benefit the other party - that means you aren't allowed to give/sell anything to anyone playing from the same location as you.
Account sharing is not allowed
Do not share your password with anyone, including anyone pretending to be a staff member. Staff members will never ask for your password, or any of your login details for that matter. You are responsible for any and all activity on your account, so be careful to ensure that you are the only person who can access it.
Do not abuse bugs
If you find a bug, report it to a staff member immediately. In addition to not getting your account banned, players who report bugs that would provide an unfair advantage are rewarded with a special title!
Do not sell in-game assets for real currency
The selling of any in-game asset for real currency will result in an immediate ban.
Cross-game trading is allowed, to an extent, but is discouraged
We want you to play games on their own merits, even if the game you prefer isn't ours! As a result, if an admin determines that your account exists primarily for cross-trading, your account will be banned. Additionally, any cross-game trading discussion should be kept out of public channels. Furthermore, it should go without saying that we do not care and will not be held responsible if you are scammed during a cross-trade.

Chat Rules

Do not spam
No one likes being flooded with useless text while talking about other things. Be considerate, don't spam.
Don't try to evade the message censor
You can swear all you want, but don't mask your words in order to bypass the censor.
Tag NSFW links as such
If you are posting a url/link to anything that might be considered not safe for work, add a NSFW warning. Also, don't post porn in public channels or you'll get muted even if it is marked NSFW.
No harassment
We expect you not to harass other players. This doesn't mean you can't argue with someone, etc, but you should know when you're crossing a boundary. However, if someone is annoying you in chat, don't bother the game staff with it. The /ignore command exists for a reason: use it.
P.S. If you don't want to feel harassed, don't freely give out information about yourself in chat. We will feel much less sympathetic in those situations.
Do not post spoilers
Spoilers can seriously ruin the enjoyment of a game, movie, book, etc. for some people, so please be courteous. If you want to discuss a recent release, make a custom channel.
Note: if the subject in question is more than 3 months old, you're free to talk about it wherever, but if someone requests that you move it to a private channel, please oblige them.
Respect the staff
The staff of Relics of Avabur are a volunteer force who work here solely for their love of the game and community, so please, don't give them a hard time. If a staff member asks you to end a discussion or take it to a private channel, you are expected to listen.
Be considerate
Once again, be considerate. This isn't a rule per se, but we do expect our players to understand that some boundaries shouldn't be crossed. Just because something isn't mentioned in the rules doesn't mean it's allowed. For example, speaking non-English is allowed, but English is the main language, so it's nice if everyone sticks to using it so we can all understand and participate.